What Happened With Christmas… (Big Brother American Season 22)

5 min readSep 8, 2020
Christmas’s mugshot

tells you everything you need to know about how the average white woman functions in America: she plays the victim to get out of trouble and is only aggressive in situations where she knows nothing will actually happen to her.

If you’re currently watching this season of American Big Brother, I’m sure you’ve heard by now and seen the clips of Christmas AKA Raggedeer (as in ragged deer, it’s a play on reindeer because Christmas, get it?) initiating a fight with Da’Vonne, then Bayleigh, who she put on the block this week. Because Bayleigh felt, correctly, that Raggedeer betrayed her, she stopped talking to her. This made Raggedeer feel “shunned” so she decided to ask Day why Bay didn’t want to talk to her. That was the beginning of the end.

Day very calmly explains to Raggedeer that Bay won’t speak to her because she feels betrayed and that she was, in fact, betrayed. Bay trusted Raggedeer with confidential information and Raggedeer proceeded to not only use that information as a justification for putting #BayDay on the block together, but told the entire house the information at the nomination ceremony (the info is that Day is Bay’s “untouchable”). Raggedeer proceeds to say her and Bay were never really that close, they weren’t in an alliance and that what she did was a game move and not personal. Blah blah blah.