2 min readJan 11, 2021

The First Black Bachelor

Out of the entire Bachelor universe, I’ve only watched two full seasons of a show in the franchise: Rachel’s and Tayshia’s seasons of The Bachelorette, so I was a bit skeptical about watching Matt James on The Bachelor. Attractive men usually know they’re attractive and I have zero interest in watching an arrogant man or women being catty with each other to end up with him.

But I was pleasantly surprised during the first episode of this season of The Bachelor. Matt came across as a genuine guy with a good heart and I look forward to watching his search for love. I like that he talked about the pressure of being the first Black “Bachelor” and the burden of some people wanting him to choose a woman of a specific race.

I’m telling you all right now: I’m willing to bet everything I have that Matt will end up with a white woman and honestly, I’m not mad at it. The first woman he ever loved, his mother, is white, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he chose a white woman to be his wife.

Furthermore, I’m willing to bet half of what I own that he’ll end up with Abigail, which frankly I would LOVE to see happen. She knows what it’s like to deal with hardship, she’s kind and she’s beautiful. Sounds like a great life partner to me! Plus, they already seem to have a pretty strong connection. I’m excited to see what happens on their first one-on-one.