Big Brother American Season 23: Why Y’all Mad? (Contains Spoilers)

6 min readSep 7, 2021

Wow, so much to discuss this week.

Now, if I haven’t made it clear, I’m a Tiffany Mitchell stan, which doesn’t mean I’m not capable of holding her accountable when she fucks up and/or says something biphobic, so when she won BACK TO BACK HoHs (if you don’t count Claire’s anonymous one), which has never been done at this point in the game, I was elated to say the least. The Black women in the house have been winning a lot lately and I’m lovin’ it! (if you know, you know)

But Xavier wasn’t…to say the least. Apparently, there was a deal among The Cookout that either Azah, Kyland or Big D would win the last HoH. I don’t recall seeing Tiffany in any of these conversations, but I could’ve missed it because though I watch the feeds a lot, I don’t see everything. The reason for this plan was so Xavier and Tiffany wouldn’t be at risk of having to put their “pawns” on the block and so Hannah AKA Chaddha wouldn’t have to jeopardize her relationship with Claire.

So the last three people on the ropes are Azah, Tiffany and Kyland…then Azah falls. At this point, Tiffany is “supposed” to drop and let Kyland win, which would be his third HoH win. But why should Kyland get to have that? So Tiffany stays on her rope, outlasts Kyland and wins the competition.

Even if Tiffany did agree to throw the comp, I don’t blame her for winning it. She had her HoH room for 19 hours before she was overthrown during her last HoH. Why shouldn’t she get the full benefits of being HoH, including having your own room and bathroom for a week? I would have taken that comp too given those circumstances.

Afterwards, Xavier claims he’s upset that Tiffany didn’t follow the plan and expresses his frustration over throwing competitions when other people are being “selfish” and just doing whatever they want. Two things about this pissed me off: firstly, Kyland is the most selfish person in The Cookout and Xavier has never had all this mouth for him, which is just one of the many examples of sexism displayed by the men of The Cookout. Secondly, Xavier made these statements to Azah and Big D before he voiced them to Tiffany. Why is he talking shit about her to two people he knows don’t really like her if they’re supposed to be working together??

Here’s the real reason Xavier was so upset: he didn’t trust that Tiffany would nominate Claire if Alyssa won the veto and if she didn’t, that would mean two…