Big Brother American Season 23: The “War”on Toxic Masculinity (Contains Spoilers)

4 min readAug 30, 2021

So at about 6:45/7 AM today EST on the Big Brother Live Feeds, Kyland said, “I think the war on toxic masculinity has turned into a war on masculinity.”

I heard this and immediately had several thoughts. Firstly, I’m curious to know what his definition of “war” is because there are countless people who are not only not fighting against toxic masculinity, some of these people seem to be in favor of it. Secondly, if there is a “war” on toxic masculinity and/or masculinity, women, and anyone who isn’t toxicly masculine, are very clearly losing it.

Kanye West just released his highly-anticipated album Donda which features, Marilyn Manson, an alleged sexual predator, DaBaby, a homophobe and misogynist, and Chris Brown, a repeated abuser of Black and Brown women. The fact that ANYONE is still collaborating with Chris Brown after everything he’s done is enough proof to show a war on toxic masculinity does not exist.

Kevin Hart who once said it wasn’t a goal of his to be an ally of the LGBT community is the most successful comedian in the world.

Dave Chappelle who has made transphobic and misogynistic “jokes” in his comedy specials and while guest hosting SNL is probably the second most successful comedian in the world.

When Megan Thee Stallion was shot, men questioned if she was really injured. She posted pictures of her injuries, they still didn’t believe her. She tried to…