Big Brother American Season 23: A Very Sad Day (Contains Spoilers)

3 min readSep 14, 2021

Well fellow Tiffany Stans, it’s a very sad day for us: Tiffany is on the block as the target and Kyland declined to use the veto on her.

So how did we get to this point? Kyland claims he put Tiffany on the block because she “won’t stop lying” to him. Initially, I couldn’t think of a single lie Tiffany told Ky, but he caught her in a terrible lie at around 4 AM EST.

Tiffany was talking about wanting to keep Christian and she said that X told her he wanted to keep Christian so she thought that was what The Cookout wanted. Kyland, rightfully so, said that doesn’t make any sense, why would you assume that based on what one person said he wanted? Kyland, again rightfully so, criticized Tiffany for trying to use people outside of The Cookout, Claire and Britni, to accomplish something The Cookout didn’t want.

Tiffany getting caught in this lie is a major slip-up on her part, but it’s not the biggest flaw in her game.

Tiffany said several times on the live feeds she felt she couldn’t play the game she wanted to because of The Cookout. I think this made her resent The Cookout and consciously, or subconsciously, work against them. I also think Tiffany never thought The Cookout would actually make it to the end intact and therefore, she didn’t feel the need to nurture her relationship with each member of The Cookout the way she should have.

Especially her relationship with Kyland. The fact that he is the one who put her on the block is so heartbreaking to me and shows how much Tiffany took her eye off the ball. Tiff being nominated is the effect of the biggest flaw in her game: not watering her relationship with Ky. Actually, the biggest flaw in her game is making emotional decisions and pulling away from Ky was one of those decisions.

I didn’t see this on the feeds, but apparently Ky told Tiff he likes a lot of attention. The second she heard that, she should’ve stayed on him like white on rice. Tiffany pulled away from him shortly after he got close with SB, because she was jealous because she likes him, and I think that hurt his feelings. He came to Tiff and tried to fix their “friendship” (I think Kyland is platonicly in love with Tiffany) and she seemed uninterested, which hurt Ky even…